Time flies.

Well it doesn’t as such; there are the long grey Thursday afternoons of the soul when nothing seems to move, sleepless nights when a child just won’t settle that seem to go on forever or that endless longing when young for Christmas Day and presents to arrive.

But when you look back, all of those things fade; time seems to fly/vanish/speed/ evaporate.  Choose your adjective; but it will always have something about speed in it.

That child on the left (he doesn’t allow photos on social media now and at 6ft 2′ and rising he has the power to enforce that...) in that picture taken years ago- but in my head; yesterday- is 16 today.

Millions of others are 16 today, but this one is my son- and I can still remember the day he was born…and time continues to fly….

Happy Birthday, Matthew!