…and there was silence for a while..

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I’ve attempted to write a blog post for a week or two now and nothing has resulted. It is fairly easy to blog something; just scribe the first thoughts that come to you and you are off.

And yet…

…most of the writing I’ve felt ok with has come from a place where I’ve had a few moments of stillness and then; almost unforced, the words came.

I used to have a bugbear when someone led worship and used a line like ‘Let us seek God in the stillness’; I wanted to say ‘Why? Is he not also in the noise?’

And yet….

….most thoughts that mean something tend to come when there are few distractions and you are ‘in’ the moment. You rarely fish for them; an idea comes, and then another and then another. Sometimes in 5 minutes you can have ideas for 5-10 blogs.

I’ve a confession to make; I haven’t made space for those moments and inspiration has dipped (and for those of you, time rich, who are tempted to say ‘Just slow down then’, I’d say ‘Just listen for a moment before preaching to my need from your wealth‘).

Stay with me; normal service will be resumed soon, or in a while, or later…