Black Lives Matter – a story.

The Black Lives Matter movement explained | World Economic Forum

I was going to write something about Black Lives Matter, but it would just have come across as a bit ‘worthy’. Then I watched stills of the march, the violence of a minority and people who are adamant that they are not racist and are suspicious/angry about ‘PC Culture’ (sic), ‘wokeness’ (sic) and I wrote a story- none of us are without sin.

He’d always been on the edge and my crowd had never understood why.

They used to take the mick out of him: I never did- I pride myself in reaching out to outsiders.

One day I was having a party and although he was unlike my friends who were coming to the party, I asked him.

‘Why are you asking him?’ they said ‘I’ve not got anything against him, you understand- it is just that he is not like us’.

I, however, was happy- I’d done the right thing: I’d included the outsider-  I’d shown friendship, even though it had cost. I’m a tolerant person- I like to thinkmore than most.

It was a great party- we had the usual craic, the usual in jokes that bind us together, perhaps had a few too many to drink & a great barbecue (not my doing- I’m no good at that kind of thing) & I’d fallen asleep, happy.

The next day I’d bumped into him: he seemed cold. ‘That was a great night, wasn’t it?’ I said.

‘Well… I could see you were enjoying yourselves..’

I could hear the unspoken ‘but’ hanging in the air.

‘What was the matter?’

‘I hated it- I couldn’t understand your in jokes, I’m a vegan and all I could eat were bread rolls and a bit of lettuce. Plus I’ve struggled with alcohol, so I don’t drink’.

‘You could have said’

‘You didn’t give me the opportunity and when I tried to say about the food, one of your friends said ‘O so you are one of them then?’ so I just shut up.

He walked away then- some people: you try to include them- really try and it costs you: they abuse your tolerance. They just won’t try- they seem so unnecessarily angry, despite you -at great cost to yourself- giving them breaks. How are they ever going to make friends?