50 part 2

(see yesterday’s post)

I thought I could attempt 5 things in that 50 that I really don’t like or have baulked at. I have 3 ideas so far. I am tempted to have a go at the first 2.

Some of you know me and know my likes/dislikes: any other suggestions? I want to do something to appreciate things I normally steer away from and from which I may learn something. That was why I tried to get on ‘The Island’ with Bear Grylls (and nearly made it).

Do something I am uncomfortable with and don’t like:-

(1) Field sports– someone has offered me a go at Beagling. I am a leftie and opposed to stuff like that. Yet I live in a field sports area- how else to understand a whole world that takes place on my doorstep but I have no way into. Don’t judge unless you have first tried it….
(2) Dancing– I don’t. I want to try. I have no rhythm. Whenever I have tried it at AmDrams they have had to turn it into a comedy routine. I only see the word ‘dancing’- I don’t know the categories and types as the activity fills me with horror.
(3) skydive. Actually: throwing yourself into nothingness with hardly any protection and foresight, but with the faith that you will be ok, is like the day job….

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