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‘Every morning I spend fifteen minutes filling my mind full of God; & so there’s no room left for worry thoughts’. -Howard Christy

From time to time I do it, and then I immediately regret it.

Something comes up on Twitter that is from the ‘God is good and bright shiny people have no problems’ school and I follow the link back and look at the history of the person and then their church website.

It is the church where everything is perfect.

The website shows The Pastor and his wife (it is pastor- maybe sometimes the ‘senior leader’)- wife always slightly smaller than husband, but always with died blonde hair. Both with the kind of gleaming white, perfect teeth that would have the average dentist planning a new house extension.

Then there is the worship band; all young and good looking, with artfully distressed hair and carefully selected clothes that are just the right measure of ‘street’/ designer labels. Nobody is overweight, old (or even middle aged) or has disabilities.

There are the relentless upbeat slogans and the the public face where everything seems successful/dynamic/growing/wonderful (or ‘kicking’, ‘dynamic’, ‘radical’ etc).

None of those things are bad in themselves, but where they are so relentless and there is no acknowledgement of the ‘shadow’ side, quotes like the above are toxic:-

-I do not feel like that: there must be something wrong with me.

-I do not feel like that: I am a bad Christian.

-I do not feel like that and there must be no one else like that for I do not see it at the front.

Be real…..please….



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