Bad guitar worship.

This is (so far) the only Sunday in my life where I am going to provide the music fro the whole of an act of worship.
The minister of the church I go to is very good in asking people to volunteer to try something just a little bit ‘beyond’ them.
My guitar playing has gone from ‘appalling’ to ‘poor’, but all of the songs today I can just about manage with practice. Perhaps one or two may even reach the level of ‘serviceable’.
It it good to do something different; to be involved and to grow a little bit more, without being ‘in charge’ or on show- after all, worship is not about ‘you’, but an offering.
There are many things that 2 years ago I never thought I would do and this is one of them. For that reason I am making it number 4 on my list of ’50 things to do when 50′ (1: changed job, 2: I read ‘Falling Upwards’ (more of that sometime) and 3: go on a long circular cycle ride around my favourite stretch of river ever).
I had better hurry up- I gave myself 2 years: the first year has nearly gone and I have reached no.4. 
Worship is not about those who lead: it is something much, much more: I’m looking forward to it.

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