some more music…the last for a bit…

From the serious to the not so serious. If I had a CD for summer 2009, then this would be it:-


It is an ‘if’- as a sound for the summer has to be played loudly in a car with the windows open. For this to happen the other people in your family would have to like this; mine don’t (yet…..being a Christian means to have hope that things could be different...).

I am really getting to love this CD- it is an album out of it’s time. Lots of Phil Spector-ish strings and music in a kind of early Eddi Reader/Belle and Sebastian style. But better than that.

It makes me think of summer- but a British Summer. That is the kind of summer that could end at any moment; you have no expectation that the good weather could ever last and a day could include hot sun, rain, cold, high temperatures, hail and even snow. So the songs have a maudlin edge to them…hence the title.

Sample lyric:-

‘I don’t want to be sad again

This maudlin career must come to an end

I don’t want to be sad again’

That just so reminds me of a British summer. The only good songs are mournful songs. Bliss….pass me that cold beer, some suntan lotion, get the BBQ on and turn the heating up full and find my raincoat….

Friday miscellany (is that spelt right?)

Things I have liked this week:-

1: Sitting outside to pray and read when I craved to be inside so that I could ‘do’ something. It helped that I could not- I learnt a bit that I am not the centre of the universe.

2: watching 20/20 cricket with all of my family at a blazing hot Chester-le-street (!)

2: drinking beer with a church member till 11.30am. An atmosphere where I could be free- one person that I feel real with.

3: Discovering Sigur Ros ‘Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust’ and Camera Obscura ‘My maudlin career’

4: Trying to learn to play a Fratelli’s song with 3 barre chords. It’s hard now, but I know I will get better.

5: A housegroup where few of the regulars turned up and real honesty and heart sharing happened in a good way and not in a cliched christianese way..

6: Getting almost nothing done I planned to do, but feeling ‘full’ anyway.

7: Having my eyes opened as an arty-farty type by spending half a day with a senir manager and chaplain at a massive steelworks.

Things I have not liked this week:-

1: looking at my diary to remind myself of what happened this week- my memory is less efficient than a forgetful goldfish.

2: I try to say when people ask if I am busy ‘No, I’m not busy, but I have a lot to do’. This week I got busy. That’s been a frequent refrain in the last few weeks.

3: You know the phrase ‘The more I find out about people, the more I like my dog’…occasionally I have felt like this this week…and I do not have a dog or like pets.

(some pics of my modelling career..)

Thanks for reading- I’m hoping to collapse into the weekend…