What If? ….number 41

Someone (http://goodinparts.blogspot.com/) made a comment on a recent post asking if I was going to do any posting during the run up to Pentecost ( at least that is how I interpreted it). I had no ideas…. it was as she noted ‘The Season of Prone’ and my brain had died. But the question did not go away…

I don’t really ‘do’ Pentecost or the run up to it (that’s why I have started on 41- I missed the first few days observing Prone)…. so I’m going to have a go.

The title? Well that is my precis of Acts 2:17 (read it- it’s in the Bible….you know….dusty book on the shelves under all the commentaries or books on mission/Wisdens/ Cds….ooops that’s my shelves)….’what if?’ I apologise in advance for using a Coldplay song and moving off U2/something leftfield, but it’s sunny outside and I feel mellow (the result of succesful decorating- see earlier posts).

I guess I’m asking myself- ‘what if?’- can I dream dreams or see visions ( I have refered to both as I’m in the hinterland between being a young man and an old man) or as the ubiquitous U2 put it…

‘Of vision of over visibility’

…which I take to be not just seeing what is concrete, but what could be/what could God be saying… staying fully in ‘now’ but also thinking ‘what if’.

As well as doing some thinking, I hope to fly some kites and then after Pentecost, see what sticks- to completely mix metaphors…..