I do not have the wit or wisdom to think of a title…


I’m having a day off today. This is me preparing for what I will say tommorrow.

 It has been an exhausting week; a lot of good things personally, but which have required a lot of late nights and a lot of decision taking. In a post a week or 2 ago, I talked about rising income. This won’t be the case for at least 18 months now: looks like I may have to get a cheaper version of ‘No Line on the Horizon’ and the 12 year old micra and 7 year old avensis may be with us for some time longer….. but I feel a strange kind of peace about this.

As one of my former bosses used to say; ‘Happy Days’. I never knew what he meant. Still don’t…. wait a minute- wasn’t it a 1970s American comedy?

Quote of the Day

Just round at a friend’s house looking on the ‘internet movie data base’ for ‘The Tin Drum’ (it’s a long story and of no interest to anyone but me….). We came across this comment that the film features

‘carnal relations with a lady’.

That is my quote for the day. Who do you know, apart from someone in a 1940s Ealing comedy, who would actually use that phrase in real life?



Am I?

My 7 year old son said yesterday: ‘Dad; I know what you would do on Saturday- even if you did not have to work: you would turn on the computer. You are addicted!’ (afficionados of correct punctuation will already be sorely wounded by that sentence. You should go to another blog right now. In this blog, through ignorance, weakness and sometimes my own deliberate fault, grammar and punctuation are mashed, trashed and er…generally monkeyed around with).

I think he is right, but (pause while I surf, check my bank account and check the scores of Harayana 3rds v New Delhi 4th on cricinfo.com) I can handle it….


Life would be a lot easier if  I had an ethernet port transplanted to the side of my head or a wireless card….

I’ve been thinking about ‘being still’ the last few days of blog entries. Not as a kind of rarified, syrupy, ‘other wordly spiritual’ thing (adopts drippy tone, drops voice to sound ‘meaningful’….. ‘now lets just…really…..put our problems to one side and focus on the Lord’……meanwhile rest of congregation who have ordinary mixed up lives….worries about the future…minds fried by images of Gaza feel like (a) hitting him or (b) carry on with the illusion that the ‘ordinary’ is unclean and ‘spiritual’ is good, whilst at the same time being unable to ‘let go’ and thinking it is all down to their ‘sin’). But as a kind of normal thing- you know….spaces/moments in an ordinary day…. to offer God the rush, stop giving in to the desire for instant amusement/gratification.

Today I managed it….. I stand in the line of Moses, Samson, Gideon, Barak and all those heroes from Hebrews ch11 (which as any fule kno is in the Bible)…well maybe not quite…… I turned my monitor off and managed at least 15 minutes to pray…think, read the Bible…. slowly read Michael Frost’s book…… and then it went back on.

He is right… I am addicted.

But then, so are you: you are reading this.

Maybe we could form a club of addicts. We wouldn’t have to talk. We could just look at monitors and instant message or facebook or twitter each other….