I’m thinking about Grace part 48

There is a fantastic post at  http://www.internetmonk.com/archive/imonk-101-when-i-am-weak-why-we-must-embrace-our-brokenness-and-never-be-good-christiansthat says much of what I want to say and better this Good Friday.

This is a sample:-

‘The Prodigal son, there on his knees, his father’s touch upon him, was not a “good” or “victorious” Christian. He was broken. A failure. He wasn’t even good at being honest. He wanted religion more than grace. His father baptized him in mercy, and resurrected him in grace. His brokenness was wrapped up in the robe and the embrace of God.

Why do we want to be better than that boy? Why do we make the older brother the goal of Christian experience? Why do we want to add our own addition to the parable, where the prodigal straightens out and becomes a successful youth speaker, writing books and doing youth revivals?’


(picture of a cross removed by a church in S.England as it did not give a message of ‘hope’. Words fail me…)


Sometimes the only thing that has ever kept me going as a Christian are those Good Friday words, uttered by Jesus when he seemed to be the at the centre of God’s purpose:-

‘My God, my God; why have you forsaken me?’

For me- there is no Grace in a God who is like a fluffy love bunny, accepting all and ignoring the pain of existence. Likewise, there is no Grace or reality in a God who becomes a personal therapist giving us continual ‘victory’ over anything.

As I get older, Good Friday takes me to where no other day seems to take me…..but wait 3 days….