I’m thinking about Grace part 24.

‘I found Grace inside a sound’

‘Cos the sweetest melody is the one we haven’t heard’

I love listening to music. I love the quest to find new sounds. Maybe this new sound will be a good’un, maybe it won’t. Just maybe it will take me to a new place.

Getting a new CD has become almost an orgiastic thing for me. I’ll spare you the description of the emotions and sensations that I go through when I get a pristine, unspoilt wrapped CD and the eagerness as I slowly unpeel the cellophane and prepare to enter deeply into the music……I’m off to take a cold shower……..that’s better….

On a minister’s stipend, this is a rare treat- most stuff seems to be 2nd hand or gifted, which is great- I’m thankful for it. If it wasn’t for that I’m sure that I would now be listening dully to ‘Westlife’ or waxing lyrical about ‘Il Divo’s’ cutting edge.

I had a birthday recently- this now seems to be literally an annual event. I got some money so I hit Amazon. After the inevitable books (Tom Wright and Phyllis Tickle since you ask…oh you didn’t) came DM Stith ‘Heavy Ghost’.


It’s on ‘asthmatic kitty’ records- I tend to go for their stuff (run, I think by the very great Sufjan Stevens) . Often (but not exclusively) they go for artists coming from a Christian/faith perspective but in no way part of the ‘Christian music’ scene. I’m meant to be being graceful for 50 days, so don’t get me started on ‘the Christian music scene’. I leave that to T.Bone Burnett:-


‘A bricklayer’s job is to build a good wall that will stand against the rain and

wind. Writing JESUS on it isn’t going to help it withstand the storms.’


Like other AK artists, you can’t passively listen to this. I did find Grace inside this sound. It is the courage of one person to put their world out into the market place and be in it unabashedly (and if that isn’t a proper word it damn well should be)….which I find inspiring.It is not an easy listen, it needs repeated listening to , stepping inside the music and feeling it..


But, man it soars (actually to use ‘man’ in a posting makes me sound like an overweight californian hippy in his 50s with a pony tail and I am only overweight)….. veers, unsettles and makes me feel like I am in another place…

Perhaps it might sound even better with the aid of mind numbing intoxicants…but I’m off alcohol for Lent – which began on my Feb 28th birthday nearly 17 days ago. I’m counting every minute…