Friday Music


This band is finishing imminently. 

I once went to see them- about 3 years ago- in Manchester and it was scary. Not because the crowd were wild (the wildest crowd I have seen were when I once- freakishly-went to see The Prodigy 5 or 6 years ago), although they were, but because all of them seemed young enough to be the children or me and my mate. My friend and I have been going to gigs together for over 25 years. We have constantly said ‘one day we are going to be too old’: this night nearly broke us.

Good night though & amidst the beats, lots of startling wordplay and thoughtful lyrics.



I have seen this guy in concert with Dan Le Sac.

This is just beautiful for a September Saturday as the memory of another cricket season fades and as autumn becomes ever more present (I could have added ‘with it’s initmations of mortality’ but that would have been too affected wouldn’t it?).


Just a little dancing

This is not really a Palm Sunday posting…. but just something from the week when I can go over my self imposed 3 sentence limit.

First time in my life that I have managed 2 gigs within 10 days (which leading up to Holy week is some achievement).

Monday just gone, with a good friend to Manchester. Gigs are more than music for me- it is usually the friends I hook up with that make it. This one was no exception.

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and what a fantastic night: I am 44, I felt like I was 22 there, but the day after I felt like 88. Around about 1000 people there and I reckon me and my friend were about the oldest; slightly disturbing to find that we were old enough to be parents to most of the audience (although I later found out that alt worship/emerging church networker supreme was at the same gig, which is a shame as I would love to have hooked up with him).

Incredibly high energy: stage diving and crowd surfing and the first time I have been to an out and out hip-hop gig; although to paraphrase one of their songs, their subject material is a long way away from standard hip-hop ‘guns, bitches and bling’. Nothing quite beats yelling ‘Just a band’ during ‘Thou shalt always kill’.

Also, for a Gen Y crowd, amazing how God still gets a look in; in a vicious Sarah Palin parody by one of one of the support acts and the ineffable ‘Letter from God to Man’ from DlS and SP.

I would definitely go and see them again; just with a nice seat, with the music turned down lower and not so many people…and young man…perhaps you could moderate your language…..I may be getting old…..

(miracle of the web- I saw this on – scroll down to 17/3/10 -a few days before and then I saw her at the gig and spoke to her…. and then e-mailed her band the link)