Lent-3 short sentences:10

eric 1

This may be fanciful, but sometimes I see the missionary God as a class football winger, throwing endless patient crosses into the box.

And I sometimes see me as a particularly duff striker: often looking the wrong way, or seeing hefty defenders and backing off or just plain missing the ball.

To be a good striker I think you have to have a degree of inner stillness to sense the ball coming and then a readiness to act and go for it: I often wish I had more courage….

I nearly touched the hem of his garment….

looking for eric 2

Last week: guitar lesson. I got talking to my teacher. After the inevitable ‘Spinal Tap’ jokes, I worked out that he was a friend of Steve Evetts. Steve Evets is the lead actor in ‘Looking for Eric’- the man on the left of the photo above. (I blogged on it 2 weeks ago…you were paying attention weren’t you…weren’t you?).

I know someone who knows someone who has met, acted with and had conversations with Eric Cantona… the  Eric Cantona. I am that close to superstardom…. the feeling was as intense as when I discovered that a girl in the Spar, whose mum’s wedding I had conducted was going out with Bono’s 2nd cousin…..

 I hope you are as impressed as I am….. I need to go and lie down as I am temporarily overcome…

I am not a man I am Cantona

For many years now I have had an unreasoning hero-worship of Eric Cantona. He is my favourite footballer of all time and more. When I managed a housing office in a past life, I even coded the alarm with his birthdate. When ‘that kick’ happened, it did not dim my faith.

Last night I managed to see this:-


I wasn’t disappointed. It was fantastic. Probably slightly more sweary than the average church council, but brilliant. I want to watch it again and again. So much in it (the title itself: ‘Looking for Eric’ has a double edged meaning), so many themes of community and redemption, working class pride, football as religion….so refreshing to see an explicitly male film…so refreshing to see a good, low budget British film……………. but also so much Eric Cantona.

I can only say ‘Oo ar Cantona’.

nb: went to the pub afterwards for a quick pint….. I am noticed more, the more I go there- had to fight off the conversations. I like beer, but I can see the ‘missional practice’ of being a regular in a non church space…