I’ll pray for you

A few nights ago I caught part of the film ‘As Good as it Gets’ on one of the many channels that have no original programming but endless repeats.

I really like this film: it has so much depth and thought to it. Some films just make me feel cheap: this one always makes me feel better.

One of the main characters has been beaten up badly and is in hospital. The guy is an artist and his agent has to sort out what will happen to his dog until he returns home. In desperation he knocks on the doors of neighbours in the apartment block to see who he can offload the dog on. One neighbour opens the door and says something like ‘How is he: I was so worried about him? Tell him I will pray for him.’ The agent says ‘Will you look after his dog?’ She then replies ‘No I couldn’t possibly.’

The force of that scene hit me; as I guess the director wanted it to. The phrase is used a lot in Christian circles; sometimes too easily. Taken on it’s own it means nothing; it means less than nothing unless it is accompanied by something.

Thing is, I just posted the phrase on someone’s Facebook wall a couple of days ago. I will follow it up later, but…… Graham…really!