One of the joys of freesat is that you can watch the same film over and over again: scarcely a night has gone by when ‘Love Actually’ is on. As an alternative to ‘Love Actually’, some channels have gone onto ‘Braveheart’.

I like watching Braveheart: there is nothing like coming in, late from a meeting and watching meaningless and bloody slaughter. I would recommend it; viewing it prevents you getting an axe/stick/mattock/13th century sword and doing likewise in a meeting….as I wish I had known in the earliest days of my ministry (Note: that is ‘humour’. I occasionally use it on this blog). Puzzlingly, I have never seen the whole film all the way through; just bits of it, glimpsed in the 15-30 minutes late at night, after a meeting. I know almost nothing about the backstory: the real William Wallace.

I have been musing that this is how many/most (?) know the Christian story; editted highlights, extracts and sometimes those being meditated through memory and interpretation. When I hear those highlights recalled I mostly cringed and when people have recalled some of them as reasons why they don’t believe, I have started to say ‘If that was what being a Christian was really like, I wouldn’t be one either.’

One of the really powerful things about following ‘Christianity Explored’ through with people has been not so much the course, but people- often with years in churches- reading scripture for the first time and reacting to it communally. Then beginning to realise the Jesus of childhood, philosophical speculation or the ‘good man/spiritual teacher’ (yuk- I’d far sooner people disbelieve completely than come out with this misread hokum) is different.

And yes….sometime I better watch Braveheart all the way through and look at the backstory as well….