Friday Music


I really like this film and this song, in my humble opinion, is one of the all time great songs ever (I keep attempting to learn the guitar part).

It is one of the few films and albums that Victoria I both like (Kill Bill, Natural Born Killers, Inglorious Basterds, The Matrix & Gladiator don’t apparently float her boat). It shouldn’t work: no proper actors, lots of singing, improvisation etc, but it does.

Anyway: a Duke Special story.I watched this the night before he came to do a lounge gig in my village. When he came to my house (even now, my fingers are trembling as I write that) with my friend , he saw the DVD and said ‘That is a good film: I have recorded with Margeta and Glenn is a good man; I have done some stuff with him’. At that moment I would have been happy if I had died and gone to heaven….

..and as any regular readers of the drivel that passes for my blog will know, the night just got better and better…