I took these yesterday :-

I am no David Bailey; this was just shot quickly with an ipod.

 I started clearing some of the weeds and was about to pull up this plant that after a long period of failing seemed to have died, but life had started to come forth from the dead twigs.

 This is from the apple tree that had grown wilder, more shapeless and uncultivated than the average minister’s hairdo (actually ‘hair don’t’; we all know that a sign of holiness is very bad hair) until I hacked and shaped it during a mild winter. Someone told me that I was unwise to do this as I would kill it.

Suddenly a couple of days back I noticed buds; life. Owing to my fading 46 year old near sight, this picture is authentic since I first saw the buds as blurred. If not apples next year, then next.

I am sure there must be something vaguely devotional or a deep message in there somewhere…help me out….