We have just had a few days away: in Saddleworth at a family christening and in North Wales, visiting lots of old haunts with new eyes and catching up with friends. Sometimes on long journeys, I let my children use a mobile/ipod for games. I do this only sparingly- I think children need to learn to be ‘bored’ or inactive on long journeys.

Anyway, I got my (cracked) ipod back. I only ever use it for adult stuff, he said piously: music, Bible (yes really), facebook, twitter, wikipedia, imdb and notes for ‘stuff’ etc. My oldest had reorganised everything into folders; mainly so he could find games.

The harder I looked, the less I could find apps that I use: everything had been organised according to an 11 year old’s world view. Eventually I found most things, apart from my Bible app, until he pointed out that it was now under ‘Entertainment’.

‘Entertainment’? I suppose at this stage I should be pleased that he has not categorised it under ‘so boring’, ‘lame’ or ‘sad’….

Oh Rhos….

If all goes to plan, this should be the time of my holiday when I have spent at least an hour or two in this location:-

I’ve blogged about it again and again, but this is my favourite place in the whole wide world. I don’t know why: I’ve never lived there (although I have lived close). It has memory both of holiday and of normal everyday life (kids in pushchairs, walking down the prom in horizontal rain, talking over knotty issues with a colleague, sunshine etc etc) and is just a lovely place to be: nothing flash, good scenery but not stunning….. just lovely.

Oh, Rhos…

This week I shall be..

Anglesey holiday cottage

…mostly on holiday….

….’they’ (who are ‘they’? I have never worked that out, but ‘they’ seem to be responsible for lots of things) have messed up Easter holidays this year. I had got my mind into gear thinking; usual long haul until Easter and then collapse, insensible, for a week. Then I find that my chilrden go back straight after Easter: arrghhh no time together.

…a few e-mails and phone calls and frantic juggling of meetings (I will be my most unprepared ever for Easter) and I’ve managed to get most of this week off and away…. back into glorious North Wales.

By the time you read this I will be relaxing in the sun/blizzards/torrential rainstorms of Anglesey at ‘s holiday cottage….. I guess that counts as a commercial.

This is my favourite place on earth

Every year, we make a kind of pilgrimage back to a place we left 6 years ago: Colwyn Bay.

 We only lived there for 5 years, but the place has a ‘pull’ on us that we can never quite shake. We still have a network of friends – good friends- there: many outside faith or with a paradoxical relationship with faith/church (this seems to be a pattern to my friendships/where the ministry that I am given finds focus).

My imagined/actual perfect place in this world is Rhos on Sea front, on a sunny day and includes a chocachino at Nino’s cafe and cricket between first class teams played at the cricket ground (which happened on Monday just gone).

If we had a large amount of money we would buy a place there and I’d love to find a job around there one day…..dreams…dreams…. longings………..for me a perfect place.


This holiday has bought manyconnections with lots of friends. I’m really grateful about that. Much as I bang on about desiring some stability in income or settled accomodation what really gives me energy is connections and good friendships. I’ve made many over this holiday time (notably and I’ve reconnected/deepened others.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to meet up with after 6 years. Dyfed and I share a history in Colwyn Bay. For a while we led CYTUN (churches together); one of the few times where I have experienced ecumenism in a life changing way which wasn’t about sharing boredom but encountering God and serving (and if that sounds cynical, it is. Sorry- I’m not perfect).

I led one of the Methodist Churches in the town and Dyfed led a….well I don’t know how to describe it…. charistmatic/pentecostal fellowship , perhaps. Whatever- it didn’t matter- we got on and differing traditions complemented each other rather than dividing.

We encountered various things in our own lives and ended up over 200 miles apart. Then, through blogging and fb, we re-established contact over a year ago.

We met face to face for an all too brief coffee (a combination of (a) being in different coffee shops with italian names- but, hey, that is what being postevangelical and loose with the truth means and (b) a wife who always arrives early). I found so much connection and so much in common with where we were both at:- a yearning of ‘there is more’, a sense of the mission of God/serving being the key thing right now and not ‘getting ready for mission’ (cos we never are) and a disillusionment with the wedding of evangelicalism with the Enlightenment. We didn’t just use big words- we laughed and ‘talked normal’ as well.

Thanks Dyfed- I treasure times like that and the feeling that I am not alone or strange (or if I am the latter, then others are as well)….

Hwyl fawr a pob bendith (I think I got that right…)

What I may well be doing today part 14

Is dreaming of cricket….

cricket rhos

…..ok I will have spent more than a few spare moments trying to get Radio 4 on longwave to catch up with the Ashes ( ‘I’m just going to check the oil/see if I left my yak in the car/see if the children are locked in the car/see if a meteroite has hit the car. I will be back when I have the score…erm when I’ve found it….’ ) and will have spent time watching the highlights (the place where we stay has British satellite).

Today I will be thinking of Glamorgan v Leicestershire at Colwyn Bay, although more specifically Rhos on Sea. When I lived in Colwyn Bay, and for many years after, I used to try and get to watch the one first class cricket match a year in North Wales. I won’t make it this year. Rhos on Sea, especially during that match, is my favourite place in the whole entire earth.

rhos on sea

You can watch cricket and in the lunch interval paddle in the sea and walk back. You can drink beer, eat chips and watch more cricket. And then in the evening reminisce about cricket at Nino’s on the front. It is a well known fact that it never ever rains and is perpetually sunny there and everyone smiles. Happiness. So think of me today, struggling to get by and slumming it in the centre of France…

By the miracle of WordPress I can bore you even when I’m on holiday….