A bit of mindless entertainment

My children are reaching the age that some things they like, I like. Actually they are beginning to introduce me to things that I have never heard of that I have come to like (I will discount Capital or Galaxy Fm or whatever it is called….whenever the car radio is tuned to that, my inner Victor Meldrew comes out: ‘You call that music….when I was a lad etc....).

This is some mindless, but very clever entertainment for Monday. Aparently there are a whole series of these on Youtube: they have moments of rare comic genius. Now we bond over catchphrases.


(I am never quite sure if these things work or not. If you don’t see anything, google ‘asdf’ on youtube)

Oh it makes you think….

Doing the rounds on FB. American humourist with (I believe) no pretence as to faith. Funny how if people outside faith have a perception of Jesus it seems to have something to do with social justice and not the excessive concern with personal morality (to the exclusion of social justice) that some groups seem to have.

Sometimes most prophets seem to be ‘outside’….

The Daily Mail

Perhaps to some readers this is vindictive…. but this is my blog- ….plus it is Saturday and I have to spend a whole day in a meeting-on a Saturday. I need somwhere to kick a cat…

I went for an interview with the Daily Mail the other day. They looked at my CV & said, “It says here you’ve done a months work experience with us.” “Yes, I have,” I replied. “There’s no record of that anywhere on our system. You’ve lied,” they said. I replied, “Yes, I have.” “Welcome aboard,” they said.

And here is something that was doing the rounds a year or so ago:


Just because I need some light relief…

I led an assembly a few days back (actually I seem to lead a lot of assemblies: I love being in schools). Someone who had never seen me lead one before asked me in an earnest tone ‘So what comedians do you study then?’

I actually study loads: I am really interested as to how one person can ‘hold’ a group of people for ages.

This show could be hit and miss (it mostly ‘hit’) and the writers accepted that: that was the rationale behind it being called the Fast Show- you didn’t get one sketch and there was another right behind it.

I am oddly fond of this skit:-