Tim Vine/John Archer



Not seasonal for Easter Saturday at all, but during the week I went to my first comedy gig for 25 years…

I went with a bunch of mates from the village. Excellent, excellent night. T. Bone Burnett the music producer said something like ‘If a builder is a Christian, builds a wall badly and then sprays the word ‘Jesus’ on it, it doesn’t make it any better’. It was great to see quality entertainment, done well and done in its own right without the badge ‘Christian’ applied to it as an arbiter of quality.

Neither swore etc, but not that I noticed- it was quality and not cheesy. Paradoxically my friends did- they also commented on how good it was compared to other recent comedians they had seen.

My friends said I laughed like a girl. Too many jokes, too fast to remember and anyway, some of them were drowned by that girlish laugh. Best one I remember: ‘ I bought a boomerang from a ghost- tell you what; I bet that will come back to haunt me’. Ok…you had to be there….

In the car on the way back I said ‘Well that is a new experience for you: laughing at two Christians instead of just one’. One replied back ‘Ah, but we were laughing with them- we just laugh at you.’ I bet John Wesley never got that.