Random quotes:2

Some seriousness from the great John Wesley (I have never quoted Wesley in the almost two years that I have been blogging-shows you how bad a methodist I am):-

“Have I rejoiced with and for my neighbour in virtue or pleasure? grieved with [her] in pain, for him in sin? … Have I revealed any evil of anyone, unless it was necessary to some particular good I had in view? Have I then done it with all the tenderness of phrase and manner consistent with that end? … Has goodwill been, and appeared to be, the spring of all my actions toward others?” John Wesley 

I read all manner of blogs, so it is the last sentence that sticks with me today…..even if I do not get on and don’t like someone’s views…..has goodwill been the spring that has determined my action towards them?

Rememebering a thought from a few years back ‘I will not let her treatment of me determine my treatment of her.’