‘What field shall we set, skipper?’

‘Ask Ben- he’ll know. He can do it- if he can’t he has to learn.’

It is hard to set a field to a novice leg spinner, but I watched Ben begin to set his field for the first time. The captain and the other player helped him, but he did it. It seemed to work: figures of 3-0-5-0 against adults as they chased down a total were pretty good.

However, as a demonstration of ‘enabling leadership’ it was one of the best I have seen: confidence in a new voice- looking for their wisdom, coupled with careful support. I have experienced many poorer examples of ‘leadership’ from those who thought themselves expert; people treated as small children with no wisdom and little attempt to listen or enable.

We still lost the game, but my son came away with his confidence boosted and having learned something.

I did too…