I don’t use this blog to talk about relationships/ my relationships. Much as I dislike the word ‘should’, I don’t think you should do: some things should be private.

Today, however, we are 25. It is something I can hardly comprehend. 25 is what happens to old people.

And I am grateful, so grateful. I am aware of relationships that have not worked out for others that I know. I don’t honestly know how we got here and I still think I got the better part of the deal….


I’m thinking about Grace part 43

I conducted a wedding yesterday (there is no easy way to write that- ‘conducted’ makes it sound like an orchestra. ‘I married two people’ makes it sound like I just set up a menage a trois. ‘I did a wedding’ makes it sound like ‘I did the shopping”).

Ok – they had Shania Twain music whilst they signed the register and I’m no huge fan of ‘Lord of the Dance’ or ‘One More Step along the world I go’ (which I forgot to include in the end)…… but it was still lovely. They made some very flattering comments about the service, not as in ‘that was nice’ but more than that. I ended up being invited to the reception (an open table and inviting people in…now where have I heard that before?)- more conversations about faith and life and Jesus in 2-3 hours than normally happen in 2-3 months; with people you wouldn’t expect. Funny how that happens- at significant moments of life, people seem to be open, as long as you don’t get too ‘precious’ about what you do….

Another day when I felt ‘this is what I am meant to be doing’….plus it was nice being cheered by ‘the lads’ waving beer at me at the reception and being flirted with by various women. Neither of these often happen at the average morning service…

I don’t believe that marriage is the pinacle of human fufillment and I’m not cool with a type of Christian view that suggests that if people are not married then something is somehow ‘lacking’. But it is still a lovely sign of Grace when people take this step to launch out into the unknown and trust.

God bless you Andrew and Nicola!