Friday Music


Can I play my family some oldskool Massive Attack? I think I can…

I once achieved an ambition (I don’t get out much) of driving through Bristol in the 1990s playing this. This album always reminds me of Summer and freedom. Swap the scene of grimy Bristol 25 years ago with the (hopefully) sunny Loire Valley today and you are almost there….

It’s getting cold

We don’t get many well known artistes and genre defying creative types around these parts, so it was with a real pang that I read of the Manchester International Festival. We used to live near Manchester and my imaginary urban arty self would have loved to go to some of the events. One that really intrigued me was ‘Massive Attack v Adam Curtis’: music and film projected on 3 sides of a derelict railway building. I saw Massive Attack once about 15 years ago, with Horace Andy and Liz Fraser in attendance and was impressed. The juxtaposition of their music and their take on others music juxtaposed with Adam Curtis’ images sounds irresistible. There was an interview with them a week ago and Adam Curtis said something really profound:

‘I am so bored with investigative journalism because it keeps telling me what I know is happening, and everyone knows it’s happening and everyone shrugs it off. It’s the same safe-from-harm ideology that the internet shores up- it’s best just to accept this insubstantial, rather corrupted world where no one really believes in anything any longer except themselves and their friends’ (Observer Review 30/06/13 p28)

Just occasionally from the most unlikely sources you can hear echoes of the Kingdom of God…. Now excuse me, I have an amusing cat video to watch on youtube, I have to update my fb status with a photo of my nail clippings (‘lol’) and then put a trite comment on a Mail online article about Nigella and Charles Saatchi…..

….and while we are about it: the joy of music

Let me face it: my wife and I have divergent tastes in music. I like almost anything that is not manufactured and twee and she doesn’t. I like music played loudly and she doesn’t. I like the angular, the unusual and thoughtful and…yes…. she doesn’t.

So I was suprised a few days back to find a Radiohead CD out ‘I was trying to tell the children about different types of music but didn’t know where to start.’

This is the kind of housework/spending quality time with your children/ helping them with their development that I love. Absolutely.

So for the last couple of weeks I have had carte blanche to experiment. I’ve not quite got to The Aphex Twin, Beta Band or the Streets just yet…..

This is what has been rocking our boat a lot recently, from one of my favourite albums of all time:-


Trouble is I used to have a mental image of driving around sunny Bristol in the mid 90s playing this…now the image I have is two boys playing football in the front room, fighting, committing horrible fouls and screaming…