9 years ago today our first son was born. We called him Matthew : ‘gift of God’. We’d waited a long time for him.

This is him, with his younger brother, as usual trying to get in on the act. I have better pictures than this, but this is him in an environment he loves, easting junk food, in a cafe on the sea front in North Wales and with a good friend (out of shot).

First I used to carry him everywhere and now he is selling me dummies at football, outsprinting me, developing a better knowledge of cricket stats than me, having a better knowledge of pop culture than his mum, having blazing arguments with all 3 of us and all the time getting better and growing stronger.

I’ll stop there- I have a deep aversion to people going on and on about their kids and how wonderful they are. I am inordinately proud of him and in love with him and if I say anymore I will blub shamelessly…

Happy Birthday

Blogs should not be used to advertise your family, IMHO. I’m breaking my rule.

This house has an 8 year old in it from today. I offered him to do anything and go anywhere: all he wants to do is get some friends round and play cricket in the back field. We’ll see…..