I had time last week just to sit and look at pictures. We try and go to MIMA (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) from time to time, but this is the first time I went on my own and sat, and watched.

I never did art at school and know very little about it, but as I have got older; the visual speaks more to me.

There was a William Tillyer exhibition on. One of the guides told me, that although he was known well within the art world, he was not as well known as he could be. This seems to be because all through his career, he has switched mediums and forms; the world seems bigger and wider than one form and to be confined to one form would restrict his exploration.

There was something about his story, and his works that began to hit me and after a while I opened the notebook on my phone and began scribbling. I could see so many parallels between what he did and what I am called to be. I am putting these unformed scribbles here: I realise they may sound a bit like ‘Pseuds’ Corner’:-

…..To have time/ confidence to let the work/inspiration of God grow…without forcing it into cultivation or pruning into shape. To notice. To look longingly. To wait with patience. Sitting in art galleries: you can’t ‘do’ anything or speed perception. …you just have to watch,  wait & be aware. …..this is how I would like the confidence to be’.

”Twelve Clouds 1968′. Shapes in the sky,  gone in a moment, passing, hardly noticed, barely remarked upon; yet immortalised here forever by one who stopped,breathed,saw and etched so that we could also see…’

‘Random shapes and forms, materials & mediums. Never stopping in one place, always changing. An eternal dilettante or one fully alive; laughing & dancing? Good artists are not office workers doing a job & ticking boxes but people who help us see the wonder that we have allowed to be humdrum’.

‘This is a man at play; who is unselfconscious’

Friday Music?

Last Sunday we managed to get to MIMA in Middlesbrough. I have blogged on this place before: I think it is fantastic- even though I don’t always ‘understand’ what is on display. I think it took a lot of imagination to place a museum like this in the Boro and not in the more obvious places like York or Newcastle.

It makes me feel better just for going. Fantastic installation about aging and death (I like a happy afternoon) and this, that both me and my son were captivated by:-


No epiphany? Perhaps….

Spent a bit of time at MIMA (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) during the holidays. Some of this was art work snapped badly with an i pod. Some of this was by my sons.

I liked the time there immensely. I liked the creativity coming from someone who says he ‘can’t’ do things like this.

I like most of all unplanned times that turn into something greater: ‘nowhere better than this place’….