So what do you do after Easter…watch trains…

This man liked model trains:-

Like all vicars/pastors/priests whatever who like trains, I think he did as trains are:-

—easily controllable

— they don’t answer back

— you are totally, unquestionably, the ruler.

In fact, I recall one episode where his railway layout was smashed in a freak accident by Homer. His first response was to rail at God: ‘Why do you hate me Lord?’

I was delivered from model trains at around 18, it came back again in my mid 30s and is now in abeyance (this manse is suitable for a small ( as in below 4ft in height) family with few possesions and even fewer books. We are not that family)… I don’t have the space.

However, there was a massive model rail exhibition in York yesterday, and as I’m child minding, we got to go. The person who told me about it is part of the group that comes to something that we do monthly in the village hall, so I guess I can file this under ‘incarnational mission’.

Wow…a room full…model railways as far as the eye can see, filled with men who either have no dress sense, live with their mothers, few social skills or are overweight. All apart from me, that is….. A lovely lovely day.

Top quote of the day from a lovely man who had a small layout based on mining in the Durham coalfields ‘I have realised that I’m not building model railways, but I’m in the entertainment business.’ Sometimes I wish that we in churches had such breadth of vision/saw the overarching goal with as much clarity as that man did. I’ve been to model railway exhibitions where some people thought that their job was to produce good model railways and not at the same time to entertain…

I will have to stop there- going back to model railways for me is like the person with alcohol problems having a swift half. It is a slippery slope….