A great Friday…

After The Fire - Der Kommissar

Well yesterday was: my youngest son was 6 and I forsook my usual jaunt to the pub (which I so missed) to celebrate and buy goldfish for which he has steadily been accumulating an exotic array of names for (at least one of my children is developing a very welcome surreal gene: ‘I am your father, Luke’).

But the Friday evening before was great in a different way: after the pub and before my carriage was due to turn back into a pumpkin (I am let out at teatime on the understanding I am back for a certain time with or without glass slippers) I went to a friends house and we indulged in a spot of jamming. I am not The Edge just yet (in fact, on a guitar, I sound more like the hedge……ok that was a spectacularly lame ‘joke’), but this was the first time in my life I have done that: I always dreamed of being able to do that one day.

Second thing: I phoned a fellow blogger (http://banksyboy.blogspot.com/) late at night- we had never met, much less spoke and we only stepped into each others worlds through the blogosphere (I don’t feature all the blogs I read on the side bar, mainly as I haven’t yet worked out how to do so. I do have a taste for ‘quirky’ blogs- ones that sometimes tackle big issues, but more often display warped , often self deprecatory humour, are ‘human’ and have a hinterland).

Had a great conversation about mutual stuff and the posts I did about worship. Turns out that this blogger was a mainstay of ‘After the Fire’…. a band who once shared a TV studio with U2 (I am slightly vague on all the details) and of whom U2 said ‘We are glad we met you- you inspired us’….

…..that for me was the Friday night post pub equivalent of meeting say, John the Baptist. Man I was excited when one of the staff in the local Spar went out for a while with Bono’s second cousin…..but here I was in the presence of greatness.

A thoroughly good chap who sent me a CD of worship using Anglican liturgy and rock (but in a good way) plus a double CD of ‘After the Fire’ which I’m steadily getting into.

On a Friday, ply me with beer, give me good conversation, let me play the guitar and give me CDs and I’m a happy man…