Friday Music


Ok: ‘Wake Up’ is an Advent theme….. This song has the best one note/one chord riff. I saw a free preview of ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ this week which I found utterly compelling. This song came at a point in the film where the main character began to ‘Wake Up’ (yes, I suppose it was that obvious).

This song makes my heart race and I end up wildly happy. I once saw this band live; an incredibly visceral experience- a group of people who never ‘phone in’ a performance.

Random things I believe in part 18

The Suburbs

OK, not Arcade Fire per se (although they are rather fine), although this will be waiting for me when I return from holiday. The reviews say it is career-defining. We shall see….

I believe that a music collection should be alive and active and span genres (and a life without music is a poor one). I also believe in the search for the grail: the perfect album. Each one I buy, get bought for me or burn is part of that search.

I have never tired of that search and I hope I never will. Just occasionally (!), it may tip over into idolatory…. but the search is wholly enjoyable.

A house without books and music untidily strewn about is a poor place to live….

Part of a totally random series of things I believe in. You may believe that I have no consistency and am a mass of contradictions. This series proves it.

 I am away for a while. August this year is my ‘turn off month’. So if you respond to this I may not follow up for a few days.