Great (or great) expectations:4


More random stuff on expectation.

Time for a song I think.

I always have time for singers who are Christian that try and cut it in the marketplace without going into the ‘Christian market’ (just don’t get me started on that one- I could rant for Britain on the ‘Christian music scene’).

This band- Athlete-are currently trying to find a new direction/niche. I hope they do- I saw them live supporting U2 in 2005 and whichever way you look at it ‘Wires’ was a good song IMHO. I even have one of their CDs : ‘Vehicles and Animals’, which displayed some of their earlier quirkiness.

The song I really like predates their first CD and I found it on a complilation: ‘One of those days’

‘John 3 16,

out the door and already late,

and God came down,

and swept me off my feet’

It is a fantastically quirky song and I love the way that faith intertwines with ordinary life (loving his house, late for the bus etc and then suddenly being aware of God).

Life is like that/could be like that- the presence of God is everywhere…any moment could be an epiphany. If God is restricted to those ‘special moments of sacredness where his manifest presence is clearly felt’ (or whatever jargon you want to use to make you feel safe) then he is more ‘god’ than ‘God’.