So I was sat in a tent in the middle of a field just outside my village. It was the early hours of Sunday. Baz Warne (Stranglers, ex Toy Dolls) was finishing a superlative acoustic set.

He had been playing some Stranglers stuff and some other stuff that he liked. He played ‘What if God were one of us?’ and then asked the crowd ‘Do you know where the word ‘Gig’ comes from? There was a clue in that song’.

He told us a tale of medieval musicians searching for employment. If they got some work, they would call it a ‘gig’. A ‘gig’ stood for ‘God is good.’

I will remember that; however good, bad, or indifferent a gig might be, it’s origins lie in being grateful to God. However imperfect the evening, somehow it can be shot through with the glory of God.

Mind you he spoiled it a bit after telling us that by saying ‘If you believe that shit.’

Thing is I do. I still do.