Dydd Dewi Sant

We lived in Wales from 1999-2004. That makes my children technically Welsh and I still have a soft spot for all things Welsh- even now, in one school that I go into, the chldren still say ‘Bore Da’ to me.

I am not going to put up ‘Calon Lan’ today, but rather this:-


This is a hymn often sung at funerals in North Wales (or at least it was when I was there). I like the way that Cerys Matthews sings this: broken but still hanging on.

The saddest song part 5

I make no apologies for having 3 songs in 3 days: today is my birthday  boxing day and it’s my blog.

Today is also Dydd Dewi Sant (you can google that). For a while (too briefly) I lived in Wales and my children are welsh.


I have the album version of this and I bought the album because of it. Her version of this song nearly finishes me. I remember it sung at many funerals and sung by someone whom I don’t think has any pretentions as to faith but sings it brokenly brings out something unutterably beautiful. I like the crowd singing; perhaps longing for something that once seemed so certain.

I will play this more than once today and this Sasnaeg will be filled with feelings of hiraeth….