Friday Music


This singer is almost unknown around this area, although she has a following in North Wales (see for eg the Ymuno festival). I have a vicarious connection: I used to do some work with her dad back in North Wales days, nearly 10 years ago.

This is not the best quality video, but I have been playing her 6 track mini album a lot this week- it has kept me going. The main track that has done that has been one called ‘Don’t leave your joy behind’. There is so much in what she sings and the way that she sings that has connected with me.

I like the message and I like her style. I wish she would produce more…..

New music


A friend sent me an ep by this singer a couple of weeks ago and I was entranced. I worked with this singer’s dad a few years back in Wales; he led a church. Her uncle was the joint editors of ‘Mission Praise’.

I have always had a thing for singers who are Christians who don’t do the Christian scene but instead try to cut it in the marketplace. I am mindful of the words of T-Bone Burnett who said something like:  ‘Just because a bricklayer builds a wall and sprays the word ‘Christian’ on it, doesn’t make it any good.’ I have heard much music in that category that I do not find appealing (I heard of a recent attempt to get into the charts by a well known Christian artist; the motivation was excellent. Before I heard the song, I tried to imagine what it would sound like and the lyrics. Once I heard it; it was chillingly almost exactly how I imagined it….and I say that with a twinge of regret).

This, however, is strikingly good. I can hear echoes of other artists in there, but the music is her own. It is also lyrically elliptical; like the best music could be. She seems to only play live around North Wales; which is a pity- I would take friends to see her, solely because she is good, not because she has a faith. Listen and be amazed.

(ep available only from