Friday Music

A friend mentioned this name a few weeks ago: Damien Jurado. I have always had an interest in people who are Christian/follow Jesus (as opposed to the patronising media designation of them as ‘spritual’) but have nothing to do with the Christian music industry, content to pursue their craft in the ordinary music scene. In fact I have never quite understood a ‘Christian music scene’: it would be rather like a social worker only choosing to work in the ‘Christian social work scene’ or a banker, or a dentist or a….well you get the picture…

I like people who pursue their craft with integrity and don’t shout about it. I just got hold of one of this guy’s cds (Ghost of David) and discovered his links with someone else I like (David Bazan).

This album is amazing and this opener more so. Is the song real or a poetic imagining? I don’t know. What I do know is that it ‘stops’ me each time I hear it; a song about mental health, infidelity, where is God and life….

There seems to be a whole scene around Seattle of music that I like….