It’s Friday- man you have far too much music…

DANNY SAUL - Harsh, Final image

I do….I confess I do. As I write this I am looking at a shelf that I put in the study for ‘things I am listening to’. It is full, double stacked and overflowing. Downstairs is a large CD rack that accommodates an unreasonable amount of music. That too is overflowing….

A couple of weeks ago we stayed with a friend. She told me that her daughter’s partner had a CD out. I’d met this bloke a couple of times and he had an interest and knowledge of music that made me think I knew nothing. He was also more impassioned and as blinkered as the record shop guy in ‘High Fidelity’.

I never knew he was a musician. So I googled his name and found out that he was well known in the Manchester music scene. He is also on ‘spotify’ So I bought his CD (Danny Saul: ‘Harsh. Final’).

It is unique- thought I could hear traces of Sigur Ros in it (well it is produced in Iceland- the country, not the shop….I am truly Britain’s funniest man…)….but it is languorous- in a good way and full of space. I could never imagine it live, but I could imagine listening to it lying down, looking at the sky at 2am on a summer night.

Bliss…music to spend time with, that doesn’t give up it’s secrets on first listen…

Review at apparently his producer has produced Bjork and Bonnie Prince Billy.