Friday Music


I know I have featured this track before; many years ago, but it has recently come back to mind.

A quick bio: David Bazan was the lead singer of ‘Pedro the Lion’. ‘PtL’ were a Christian band, I guess, although more honest than many. Bazan struggled with alcohol and eventually came to a place where he felt that he had lost his faith (I do not like the phrase- not for what it says, but for its cliched presentation) .

He began to record again and documented his coming to terms with that. I have a couple of his albums: his first is my favourite.

This track in particular does it for me: brutally honest and searching- the kind of music I like. I have never thought that ‘losing faith’is easy or glibly undertaken- in fact many whom I know who have taken that journey have an honesty that I envy.

Friday Music

And ok… It is still Christmas music.

A friend put me onto this. A track off my favourite Christmas album (Low: Christmas) done by someone else I admire. I like how he has made this even more mournful.


In the next few days I will be featuring a few videos that I have been looking at which form part of a new take on ’9 lessons and carols’ that (a) I couldn’t think of the audience for at present (b) I never got round to doing. This is the seventh one of those.

Friday Music

I have started to listen to my two old ‘Pedro the Lion’ albums. This track always jumps out at me everytime I listen to it.

David Bazan, as any fule kno, was the lead singer before the group disbanded. I never quite know what the phrase ‘lost my faith’ means, especially when it is used in the media, but David Bazan has ‘lost his faith’ since he wrote this song.

Singing it again after that journey makes it even more powerful as a song of longing and regret.


Midweek musical meditation:2

I love getting money for Christmas (that is a hint by the way): all through the year I assemble an ‘Amazon wishlist’- if I get money I hit the list. IMHO there are no finer presents than books, music and single malt whisky (although I would stretch to a full round of mature stilton cheese as well).

This year it happened- I bought the complete ‘Blackadder’ DVD boxset, a book on Thomas Merton and a CD by David Bazan: ‘Curse your branches’.


I am a sucker for Nu-Americana- particularly stuff from a faith perspective. A couple of years back when I was writing an MA on U2, I was looking for artists who were Christians but did not enter the Christian music scene (don’t get me started on the Christian Music scene) and uncovered, among others, ‘Pedro the Lion’. I managed to find a cheap promo copy on ebay (thank you God- that when a minister on stipend has a music addiction- you raise up ebay and Amazon market place…….) and it was good.

David Bazan was the lead singer and when the group split, he seemed to enter into a period of heavy alcohol abuse and moved away from faith (I never like the phrase ‘lost his faith’…I don’t know what will happen to me in the future, but I think ‘my’ faith is not ‘mine’ so much as God’s faith in me).

This album is all about alcohol abuse recovery and falling out of love with God.

It is so brilliant and so moving…… I keep playing it and playing it and playing it. I’m moved by his thoughtfulness and I’m listening and listening. I don’t know what faith he is moving away from, but it sounds like the kind of faith I would move away from….. plus it is good music- mournful and well written.

Enough from me- buy it or find a way of listening to it…