Friday Music


Another artist from Asthmatic Kitty. Not as ‘Marmite’ as last week, but nonetheless someone who makes and plays songs that he likes. When someone does that, it is a glorious thing.

This is from his last, self titled, album. Quiet, understated and happy in it’s own skin. In the last week or so, the phrase that I used to know years ago; ‘Let go and let God’, has been coming to mind. Playing this short song has lightened many short car journeys.

Friday Music


‘I was in the darkness when you became the light on my face’

Sometimes you are just lucky: you see an album that you want, but self imposed spending limits stop you from buying it (and saying ‘no’ to more stuff can be a powerful rebellion). And then you look back and find a sudden price drop. I scored a brand new, sealed copy of this CD album (‘the ones who wait’)for less than £1.50. I had heard of him: he was on one of my favourite labels (Asthmatic Kitty…think Sufjan Stevens, DM Stith, Half Handed Cloud etc…) and I managed to get a free track a few months back.

I really like this CD and I am only just beginning to get inside of it- the best music you have to live with for ages. It has been my companion down sun drenched and quiet North Yorkshire lanes these past few days.

When I read this on his website:-

‘He doesn’t offer easy answers.  ”I guess what’s encouraging to me,” says Denison, “is that you hear sometimes people, who you never thought they had any doubts about what they’re doing, have some doubts.”

I said ‘yes’….. I think the same- when there are cracks, angst, doubts, there is Hope….