Friday Music


I think I have had this song at least twice on this page before now.

I thought it would be appropriate given the prominence of cricket around these parts at the moment. Both of my children know this off by heart, which given the language, makes me a bad Christian parent. My youngest and I sang this during the long journey to the cricket festival he took part on this week.

However, I like it- we like it. I think it is clever; intelligent wordplay, shrewd knowledge of cricket and musically witty. I actually made it to the ground to watch this Test Match, albeit on the 5th day (the incident happened on the 2nd day- you can see the history/cultural importance here

Here is the ball. To those of you who know nothing of cricket it may mean little. To those of us who love cricket, it is nirvana, the holy grail and the ultimate all mixed into one:-



Friday Music


I am getting inordinately excited about a gig I have booked for a week on Sunday: Duke Special. Even writing those words gives me a little frisson: I did this. I dared. I could have sat at home and thought ‘If only’, but this time I didn’t.

I get to meet a musical hero: the 2nd of mine in 7 months. I haven’t quite broken even yet, so if anyone fancies seeing Duke Special in a garden, in North Yorkshire & and an amazing support: ‘Cherry Head, Cherry Heart’, contact me or copy & paste this link:-

I could, I suppose, feature one of his tracks. Those who are part of a facebook group I set up may have already pressed ‘delete’ several times when they see a group update as I have been bombarding them with music. Instead, another group, with a link to Duke Special…

…Music about cricket should not work, but this album (and the one before) does. I like this track, not only because I occasionally umpire, but it is an acutely and poignantly observed picture of umpiring in the 70s & 80s. I remember this time well: professional umpires were not well paid & one even used to bring his camper van to the grounds he was working at and camp in it.

Plus, I love the innate melancholy…


Friday Music


This makes me think of holiday and tracking our Ashes Victory from afar. Conclusion: we are not as good as we thought and they are better than we thought and we could lose the Ashes this winter.

I like the song and the video: what other song/video combination can mix political comment, cricket, Benny Hill and Monty Python humour? And then still leave space for the immortal Henry Blofeld?

And I have a meeting the night they play nearest to me in September. Grrrr

Friday Music


The day before I posted last Friday’s Music spot, a friend sent me the second just released Duckworth Lewis Method CD.

Even though the Test that ended last Sunday was as the ‘Daily Mash put it ‘as exciting as smoking crack in a suit doused in petrol during a high-speed car chase’, the pressure on the Umpires was immense & as a result, the decisions variable.

This song is curiously affecting and melancholy. But I like songs like that….

Friday Music

I’ve had this before, but there could be no other song this week. I made the 5th day of this test 20 years ago as England slid to inevitable defeat, so I never saw the ‘Ball of the Century’. I did see Shane Warne torture all of the England batsmen except for Gooch;  people at the top of their careers made to look like schoolboys.

The animation at first looks jumpy, but goes onto witty. Plus you actually get to see the ball.


From the best (and until the last month when they released their second album) and the only album about cricket.

Friday Music

I am in cricket mode: a Test series finished, a match watched, children becoming obsessed with the heavenly sport. So an extract from the finest album ever made about cricket (well, as far as I know, the only one).


If you have never liked cricket, the joke is the dreadful rhymes and the fact that Javed Miandad was nothing like this.

This is also fantastic. If you have no knowledge of what he is talking about, google on Wikipedia ‘The Ball of the Century’. 2 years ago, my kids I met Mike Gatting. We didn’t talk about this song or ‘that ball’. He is still a physically powerful man.