Friday Music

This week I was lucky enough to be able to see a gig (my wife complains that I am often at gigs: true I am at another one next week, but the last I went to was in December: that is practically a lifetime ago): James, supported by Echo & the Bunnymen.

This is older music than I normally listen to (I remember Echo from nearly 30 years ago: when I hear the music I am transported back into a world of teenage insecurity once more), but James are so good live. And this time they experimented with songs written in the last week: I like that- it so tempted to be a living karaoke band.

But this song, live- I can die happy now. It is rare you see a band stepping back, almost completely and letting the audience sing the whole song.

Whatever I listen to, whatever avenue I follow, I am firmly convinced that this is one of the all time great pop songs.