Friday Music

I don’t like the idea of musical labels, but I have started listening to ‘post rock’ again. For ‘post rock’ think, for example of  Sigur Ros, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Silver Mt Zion or Mogwai genre. I have a few albums by the former and one by each of the latter: long rock based soundscapes, often without vocals that are not immediate or always accessible.

I found cheaply on ebay (that 5 word phrase is almost my favourite phrase, after perhaps ‘All is Grace’, ‘God asks us to be faithful, not successful’ and ‘Yes please, I will have a pint’) Explosions in the Sky: ‘The Earth is not a cold dead place’. It is worth it, if only for the album title.

One album, 5 tracks of sonic wash, without vocals. When you are in the right mood, such as driving through wild moorland landscapes; fantastic.

Stay with this one until the first minute has cleared.