That would be an ecumenical matter part 2

It was further back than the last post. The ‘Churches Agency for Safeguarding’ had just been established (the body that validates disclosures that are necessary for safeguarding; you at the back-stay awake…). There was a press release that said something like ‘This is an exciting example of ecumenical cooperation’.

If I had been eating cornflakes I would have spat them out….lets see; Christ saying in John’s Gospel ‘I have come that they may all be one’ and the dream of church ‘Where enemies become friends, where bitterness ends’ (ok I cribbed that from ‘Faithless’: ‘God is a DJ’) and the big hope that all may come together and find common cause…………. and we have got to the stage where filling out the same forms to respond to law becomes ‘exciting’ (and some denominations still have their own mechanisms anyway, ‘cos we wouldn’t want to pollute doctrine by …erm… filling in forms together would we?).

Either I missed something about the meaning of ‘exciting’ or I have simply lived on this planet for too long….