Friday Music

I am continuing the process of educating my children in good comedy: particularly the oldest. How can he navigate through the world of comedy- learn what is good, what is uplifting and what can be sniggered inanely at without neccesarily repeating back, word for word to his 8 year old brother?

So last week, I tried selected extracts of ‘Flight of the Conchords’ ;I have the complete boxset and I think it is one of the finest comedies I have ever seen (mind you, most things made by HBO tend to be good). It is not immediate, but nothing really worth it is. A good friend bought me the CD a few years back: normally comedy records are pants- this one wasn’t.

However, this song is enjoyed by all the male members of our household; so much so that the youngest printed off the lyrics and took them into school….


A break from the intensity…

Two things that are lighting up my spare moments right now (I am sad enough to look forward to around 10.30pm, lounging on the sofa and watching a DVD):-


‘..I’m asking you nicely: please will you open the meeting in prayer…’

‘Taken’. I can watch most things with Liam Neeson in (and listen to as well- he did a great cover of the Van Morrison ‘Coney Island’ a few years back). This is a superior action movie and a revenge movie (revenge movies are a growing genre; maybe because we have no visible enemy to fight, only an undercover one. Maybe, as we have no god and therefore no Grace, and shopping doesn’t really fire the blood long term, we just love revenge bloodlust…just a hunch…).

Surveys of this studio audience (one who loves action, violence and mythical beasts in a film: preferably all 3 at once and one who dislikes all 3, instead prefering character development and emotional engagement) produced an almost 100% positive vote. One to watch after a frustrating PCC/church council.


‘Middlesbrough’s search for a reliable goalie still bore no fruit…

Flight of the Conchords. Anything made by HBO and getting a screening on BBC3/BBC4 has got to be good. Comedy on TV can tend to the lame and bland or ultra shocking…but just. Not. Funny.

I am just watching the 2nd series (which is not supposed to be as good as the first) and I am laughing out loud lots and lots. I may get this DVD from my family as a present; seems like the kind of comedy that can be watched and watched and watched- and watched some more. So clever and so funny; I think the best comedy is recognizably this world yet at the same time inhabits its own universe.

Don’t despair- more deep stuff tomorrow. I just needed a break….occasionally my humanity breaks out. I will try to keep it in control in the future. Sorry.