Music for Monday

The doyen of British Christian bloggers (a title which I’m sure he would disavow) suggested in a recent exchange at his blog that there was no way that I could be an evangelical as my taste in music was too diverse and interesting (!).

On that basis, then, here is some more liberal backsliding heresy:-

Flying Lotus: Cosmogramma (2010)

My continuing quest: to seek out strange new sounds from Warp records and bore people…

This is nothing like I have ever heard. On one level strange disconnected electronic noodling (in a good way), kind of like Boards of Canada meets Radiohead, DM Stith and Gorillaz in a crowded lift after drinking 4 pints of coca Cola and eating a kilo of M&Ms. On another level strange and very beautiful.

Just the kind of thing you want to listen to on a Monday when you are wasted from preaching on Sunday and you wait to see if anyone wants to govern your country right now…