Before Christmas Ends

It has not ended.

It really naffed me off a few years back when I went to a church on 27th December and the person leading said ‘Now that Christmas is over’. It is not over, dummy. Advent ended at midnight on the 24th, then there was Christmas Day ; the first day of Christmas (and no, my true love did not give me a partridge in a pear tree. I wouldn’t have wanted one; I don’t like live animals too much, dead ones sauteed or flash fried with a hint of garlic, yes. Plus: have you tried to plant pear trees in frozen ground?).

Today is therefore the 5th day of Christmas. With Christmas not being over, you still have time to listen to this (well you could listen to it at any time).

I rediscovered my vinyl copy of it just over a week ago and have been playing it and struggling not to blub copiously.

This version is not marred by someone throwing the kitchen sink at it. If anything it is understated. It is also done with instruments that the piece was written for.