Friday Music


Ok: this is a bit of a commercial.

I am going through a phase of saying ‘yes’ to things I would otherwise have dismissed as a risk. A few weeks back I heard that Duke Special; someone who I had always admired was offering ‘lounge gigs’. The fee was higher than I could ever cover using my lounge, but I sent an email back to have a go.

Two weeks later they got back saying that a lounge gig was a possibility. I outlined some possibilities, but with nothing definite (and no savings plus an overdraft to cover the cost).

And then…

…I got the gig. I am beyond excited. Thanks to help from a friend who came with me to see the landlady of my local (maybe there is an irony about a Methodist Minister having a ‘local’, but these days I am ‘post post post irony’, so I don’t know) & tremendous help from the landlady we imagined it in the beer garden as a kind of ‘soiree’ with limited numbers. A few favours from people got a professional sound guy, a top notch keyboard,cracking support act, professionally designed posters etc

And we are running: Sunday 15th June with over half the tickets sold & regional newspapers running with it today, so get in quick! Here is the link for tickets:-

Thing is, last week I had a conversation with the manager of the other band, Hope and Social, for Spring 2015 & they want to create a ‘happening’…..

Some of this stemmed from when I saw Duke Special in 2000, then under the name Booley, as an unknown support act. He asked from the stage for a bed for the night and I thought ‘We could offer that’, but did nothing.

Most of us do that…I have started to resist that and it is exciting and frightening at the same time. I no longer know the destination, but I feel more alive.

Friday Music

I am sure that it is possible to have too much music. It is just that I haven’t found that point yet.

I often check into, keyboard player of the erstwhile 80s group ‘After the Fire’ and found this song. I had heard the group- ‘Hope and Social’- namechecked a few times, so a few clicks, a few listens at other material and last week ‘cotton wool and knotted wood’ dropped through my door (you will only find the physical product on the band’s own site).

I am growing to love it, especially this one featured on the above site:-