If you are so full…

…and cannot bear another mince pie, roast turkey,turkey sandwich, turkey curry, sausage and chips (with turkey) and just want a bit of space….

…then you need music…quiet, thoughtful, mournful music. I have just the thing for you.


My ‘steal’ when I was doing Christmas shopping (one actual visit to a shop- the rest on the net) was finding a copy of ‘Ida’: ‘Heart like a River’ (2006) for £1.99 including postage. Pure, pure bliss and an antidote to even the fullest stomach.

I saw Ida a year ago, supporting Low and they stopped me from chatting (mostly) whilst watching the support band.

If you can’t find that and are full of gift tokens and don’t know what to do with them, then go for ‘Lovers Prayers’ from 2008. On it you will find a cover of the Richard Thompson ‘For shame of doing wrong’…you would have to have a heart made of something stronger than stone not to be moved by that.

…alternatively, there are lots of interesting recipes for turkey fricasse, bean and turkey stew or turkey and brussel sprout risotto on the net…