Friday Music


On the 5th day of Christmas…

I don’t normally ‘do’ folk. In fact, I have a stock phrase about any music that I like that is classified as ‘folk’: I tend to say ‘It is folk, but in a good way’.

I got this ep for Christmas. Their rendition of this song got me and made me stop what I was doing.

It is a song I want to take with me into the new year: I see too many people whose stories are suddenly fractured by illness, accident or death. In realise that all we have is blessing and can go into a heartbeat. It is a cliche, but also true that life is too short- too short to not be kind, too short to not say ‘yes’or to short too not have a go.

We all have limitations- everything is not possible- and we are constrained. all that is true, but  what is the use of wings if not to fly…