Friday Music


I could have chosen this song or any similar song from the past 40 years. Mention the word ‘Christmas’, add extra sleigh bells and have snow in the video and you have the beginnings of a ffestive hit. If you can add some faux Phil Spectorish production as well, you are on to a winner.

It is easy to be cynical: I often am. However, play a song like the one above (which is by no means my favourite) and I am transported back into childhood, feelings of child-like security and a blazing¬†hearth festooned with Christmas decorations. That is a romanticised view: an amalgam of several Christmases mixed with adverting and the musical memories evoked by those records…

But if you are lucky- like the song above, you get a subversive message thrown in as well. I guess that is closer to the ‘true’ meaning of Christmas.