Friday Music looking out to sea…

I took this nearly 2 weeks ago looking out to sea on a wilderness retreat. I think that shortly after I took this I fell asleep on the same rock and lost an hour. I didn’t fall into that same sea.

This is not the greatest photo in the world but it reminds me of the sheer unadulterated bliss of lengthy periods of looking out to sea and becoming lost in the sound of the crashing of the waves.

Each time I do this on a Scottish island retreat I can hear this music over and over again:-


..and each time I hear this music I am taken back to that still place…

Friday Music

Someone gave me some old vinyl last week. It is years since I bought or was given vinyl. I like the fact that music is not just ‘there’ in easy, bite size pieces. I have enjoyed sitting down and listening and taking time with music. Music goes back to being a sacrament.

One of the LPs I was given was ‘In the Court of the Crimson King’ by King Crimson. I don’t claim to have ‘got’ this yet: I think it takes several plays before you can even begin to sketch the contours of great music. I fact, I doubt that you ever ‘get’ it.

This is something I am growing to like:-



My 9 year old son who is part of the 50% of this household who ‘feels’ music says that this is ‘quite good’. Indeed it is…and so much more…