Friday Music

I have been playing a heck of a lot of Low and Willy porter these past couple of weeks. This has been because I have been to/hosted gigs by them. There is almost nothing like the post gig feeling of re-listening to familiar tunes.

Anyway I digress.

I play a lot of music in the car- I drive a lot for work and it is the only space where family members cannot say ‘I don’t like this’ (which happens so frequently it is untrue). Sometimes they travel in the same car; occasionally they want music. Mostly it is the same track. This is the one played over and over again.


I like Kraftwerk as much as the next emotionally repressed nearly 50 something male, but even Kraftwerk can pale after a while.

Friday Music


Last week I inadvertently got a lot of music. There is a story to this; but it is the kind of rambling story of interest only to the teller, so I won’t tell it.

I finally got hold of something by Kraftwerk: I was dimly aware of them as a teenager but didn’t realise their innovative and pioneering nature at the time. Although, I once had a 7″ of the above song- now sadly lost.

So, I listened to ‘The Man Machine’: it is a long time since I have heard music so ‘pure’. And now, I want more….